Delivered invited talks at JpGU-AGU 2017 meeting and several universities in Korea

A couple weeks ago, I delivered an invited talk at JpGU-AGU 2017 meeting in Chiba, Japan. Title of the talk is “A behavioral approach to understanding human-water interactions under hydrological variability“. Honored to have met and spent time with leading scholars of socio-hydrology and global hydrology such as Murugesu Sivapalan and Taikan Oki. I also had an unexpected reunion with my PhD committee member there, Professor Rachata Muneepeerakul who is now at University of Florida.

After the JpGU-AGU meeting, I traveled to Korea to give invited talks at several Korean universities (Korea University, HongIk University, UNIST, Yonsei). I thank Professors KyoungRok Paik, Chon Jin Hyoung, Jeryang Park, and Yeonjoo Kim for hosting me. I also visited SNU and spent time talking with several professors. I especially thank Professor Dowon Lee. He invited me to spend time at SNU in 2011 when I was a graduate student. Professor Youngryeol Ryu also shared his heart-felt insights on how to manage a lab group. Thank you all for the wonderful time.


About David J. Yu

I am an assistant professor at Purdue University, with a joint appointment in Lyles School of Civil Engineering and Department of Political Science.
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